The journey begins..

Hello everybody,

I would be glad to present a little note to begin the journey of the child’s learning.

Learning begins, when a child starts uttering words.  The child desires to learn whatever he visualizes, feels and consumes. Parents are welcome aboard at this degree,  in the process of learning,  inorder to help build with their vocabulary. It is better to help the child learn the appropriate name of the object the very first time,  rather trying to  rectify the same later.  The  words will get sticked to the fresh little brains and it will be very difficult to bring out from their mind as they are very curious in knowing things around them.

The very basic thing that attracts the child at the first instant is,the color of the object…followed with the name of the same.  When the child attains the age of 2, he/she is capable of learning things in a better way. They are more into identifying objects.  Children grasp things easily and are able to produce at the right time in a right way.  They have good logical thinking.

At this time…the possible ideas to capture your childs’  attention is,
Driving their mind towards,
1. Parts of your body
2. Colours
3. Shapes
4. Alphabets
5. Numbers

If you prefer to introduce a new object to a child, make it visible or noticeable to their eyes.  They will do the rest. Whenever you bring in something to a child, always incline down in your mind and describe things from their point of view. Allow them to explore and bring out their thoughts and ideas.  That will encourage them to be less reserved and  you are sure to excavate brilliant ideas from your kids.

Then, you move on with other ideas that is suitable with your child’s pace.  Always make sure that you made them comprehend the concept of a new work or activity that you present them. Allow them some time to grasp the ideas.  Every child has their own time to catch up with  a new concept, as each child is unique in their own way.  Subject them with different work sheets or activities with the same concept, so as to polish and groom them to give better results.  Never underestimate your child. Your child is well enough to reproduce what you have presented them, in a better way than u some other time.

Have fun viewing the website.
Cheers !

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