Reinforcement Classes for Kindergarteners

Dear Parents

Momz Tutelage proudly introduces reinforcement classes under the name  Reinforce Young Brain from June 1, 2011.

The reinforcement class that is offered in here is designed for kids aged between 4 & 7, and it is intended to prepare the kids for primary school. The classes cover a combination of English language, Math and Science with hands on learning methods.

Programme Detail:

1. LANGUAGE: Phonics and progress to word blending, word families, spelling and sentence construction.  There will be basic lessons on grammar and to build vocabulary.

2. MATH: Basics on math with materials and worksheets, which includes Number line addition/subtraction/multiplication/ Division/Fraction/Ordinal numbers…progress to complex math.

3. Basics on SCIENCE with fun.

4. COMPREHENSIVE learning methods.

5. CRAFTS/ EXPERIMENTS based on lessons.

As we believe, each child learns at his/her own pace, every child will be assessed before going ahead with the classes and the worksheets will be designed accordingly to suite the child’s need to create a fun way of learning experience.

The class strength is at a maximum of 5 students per session as to have a personal care of each and every kid’s progress.

Class Schedule:

8 sessions x 2 hrs  / month (Inclusive of materials)

(2 sessions a week at a stretch)

Please do not hesitate to call/email for a trial assessment class (free of cost).

Interested please contact Mrs.Bhony at


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