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WORD a day !

This interesting craft helps me to build up my kid’s vocabulary.

Things required:

1. A4 sheets – 60 plain white sheets / Rules sheets

2. Construction paper – 6 different colours

3. Needle and a white thread

4. Glue

How to do?

Here we go..

1. Cut the 60  A4 white sheets into half to make 120 sheets.

2. 10 sheets from the 120 sheets for each month.

3. Fold the sheets into half and smooth the foldings.

4. Stitch it in the middle of the fold. ( 1. Pierce the needle exactly in the middle of the notebook from inside and bring it out, leaving about 5 cms of thread. 2. Pierce it again at another end and bring it in. 3. Bring the thread across the middle one and pierce it out at the other end. 4. Again bring the thread back inside through the center one. 5. Tie a knot tightly so that the pages wont move. 6. Cut off excess thread. Your notebook is ready)

5. For the cover: Cut the construction paper into halves. It make 12 pieces for 12 notebooks.

6. Glue one of the sides of the construction paper and place the note book over it and stick the first and last pages to the glued construction paper. Smooth the paper and allow it to dry. Now the cover is ready for your notebook.

7. Name it:  Printout the name of the months and cut it with the craft scissors and glue it to the cover. Done!

8. Draw lines inside (if it is unruled) for the date month and year, and  for the word and the explanation.

9. Tip : It will be more interesting if they try to make a sentence out of it. So, leave space for your sentence.



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