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Sun and the Planets

The Solar System:

This is an interesting craft to make your hands dirty.  But it is fun making Sun and the Planets with your little ones. Learning through craft allows to comprehend more easily in the little brains.

Here we go..

Things required:

1. All purpose flour – 1.5 cups

2. Water – as reqd

3. White glue or Tacky glue or Fevicol – 100 gm container.

4. Poster colours / Acrylic colours – 12 colours

5. Glitter – Yellow.

6. Rubber band  – 2

7. White Styrofoam strips – 2 strips (10cm long – ripped from the Styrofoam packed in fruits)

8. Long Skewers – 10  (1 feet long)

9. Old waterbottle – 1 or (any container with broad base of support and a small mouth. )

10. Fevibond

11. White stickers – as reqd

This is how we make:

1. Add 1/4 cup of water to the flour in a large bottomed vessel and knead it into a smooth dough.

2. Make small balls for each planet of various sizes.

Ex: Sun is the largest, so make a very big ball for sun. Jupiter is the largest planet, so make the next big for Jupiter. Pluto is the smallest, so make a tiny one for Pluto. Rest all into various sizes between the size of Jupiter and Pluto.

3. Pierce each ball with a skewer in the center of the ball, and place it in a microwave bowl with the ends of the skewer rested on the edge of the vessel so as to avoid the balls touching the vessel. This prevents flattening of the balls.

4. Microwave the balls for 1 or 2 minutes, so that the balls will get harder. (never worry about mild cracking)

5. Pierce 4 skewers through the sun ball (large ball) distributing equally so as to get eight edges. For the ninth one, pierce a skewer into the available space and dont allow it to pass through the other end. Cut the skewer equal to the other skewers. (cut the sharp edges of the skewers)

6. Now, apply the fevibond all over the mouth of the waterbottle and pierce the Sun through it. So that the Sun with the skewers settle down on the bottle. Apply a little bit of Fevibond on the areas of the sun where the skewers poked out.

7. Apply a thin coating of glue on the edge of the skewers and pierce the planets in their places so as the skewers balances their weights.

8. Set it aside and allow it to dry for half an hour.

9. Cover the bottle with a tissue paper and tape it. (To avoid the glue or paint to stain the bottle)

10. Apply the white glue all over the balls evenly and allow it to dry for a day. (For strong bondage and to avoid ants )

11. The next day, Start colouring.

12. Start with the Sun with bright yellow and use yellow or golden glitters over it.

13. Use the colours in the following picture or show your own creativity. Make sure to colour blue for Uranus and neptune(they are the blue gas giant planets), Mercury is red, Earth is blue and green,

14. Use a transparent glossy paint for glossy finish or just leave it alone.

15.  Allow the paint to dry for a day.

16. Meanwhile, In a plastic paper, grease it with a drop of oil, and place the rubber band and the Styrofoam strips alternatively and glue it together or tape them together. Stick it around the planet Saturn. And here goes the rings of the Saturn.

17. Write the names of the planets on the white stickers and paste on the edges of the skewers so as the names can be read either way.

18. Its all done.


Keep it in your child’s most accessible place.


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