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Introduction to Odd and Even numbers

Odd and Even numbers are introduced using Cards and counters method.

Age group – ( 3.5 to 5 years) For detailed explanation, check the following link:

Cards and counters – Introduction

Things required: 

1. Marbles – 55 pieces

2. Square cards – 10

How to play?

1. Write a number in each square card. ( 1 to 10)

2. Arrange the cards horizontally on the floor with space in between them.

3. Ask the child to arrange the marble in a way there is two in each row.

4. A marble without a pair sits in between the last two marbles. (as shown in the picture)

5. Now what?  To find odd or even.. ask the child about the arrangement. Explain them that a set of marbles are arranged in pairs and others have one left without pair.

6. The marbles with the one last without pair blocks the pathway in between the rows. They are the odd ones.

7. The rest of the numbers where the marbles are unblocked are the even numbers.

8. Done!  Blocked – Odd, Unblocked – Even.

Continue this with working in paper. Draw circles in the place of marbles.


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Find whether the number is Odd/Even


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Count the Pictures and write Odd or Even


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Odd and even numbers – using Cards and counter method:


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Cards and Counters – Practice sheets


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Cards and Counters – Introduction

It is a traditional Montessori method to learn the concepts of numbers and quantity in young children.  And also an easy way to understand the relationship between the numbers and quantity.

Things needed:

1. Number cards (1 to 10)

Tip: Write numbers in thick chart and cut it into equal squares.

2. Objects to count. Any one of the following can be chosen as an object to count. ( Pebbles, marbles, coins, wooden tablets, Large buttons or Beads)

3. A mat.

Method to learn cards and counters:

1. Instruct the child to bring the mat and spread it on the floor.

2. Ask the child to pick the No.1 card.

3. Place it on the mat.

4. Now, instruct the child to pick the respective number of objects.

5. Place it right below the number.

6. Stroke your finger from the No.1 card to the object and tell them it is blocked.

7. Now, No.2.  Follow the same way, but instruct the child to place the objects horizontally below the card.

8. Stroke your finger from the NO.2 card to the space in-between the objects and tell them it is unblocked.

9. NO.3 card.  Follow the same method. Tell them, an object which is left without a pair should be placed one step below and in-between the first row.

10. Stroke your finger from the NO.3 card to the space in-between the objects  to reach the third object, and tell the child that it is blocked.

11. The child learns to arrange the objects eventually upto NO.10.

12. The blocked and Unblocked is taught initially to learn the ODD and EVEN numbers using cards and counters.  The unblocked numbers are EVEN numbers and the blocked are the ODD numbers.


While working on paper:

1. Draw an arrow next to the number.

2. Start drawing circles one on the top and one on the bottom of the arrow.

3. The circle which has no pair has to be drawn on the arrow in-between the other circles at the end.

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