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Seasons – Lap booking

Lap book on seasons:

Things needed:

1. Chart paper – any colour

2. Printouts of seasons

3. Colours – (markers, pencils, crayons, pastels)

4. Glue

5. Paper fasteners

6. Creative papers

To make lapbook :

1. A – Cut the chart paper the length of 3 A4 papers + 3 cms for foldings. (horizontally)

2. B & C – Cut 2 more A4 size + 4 cms sheets.

3. Fold A accordingly, so as to leave 1 A4 size on the left and one on right and leave 1.5 cms on either side of the middle A4 size for foldings.

4. For B & C measure the A4 length and fold the rest.

5. Paste colourful creative papers on the A4 space.

6. Stick the B & C sheets pasted with creative papers to the upper and lower end of the middle A4 on A using a paper fastner.

7. Fold the left and right A4 part of A into halves.

8. Make pockets inside.

9. Printout pictures related to seasons.

10. Make your children colour them.

11. Stick pictures on the space left for each season.

12. Make something creatively to put on the pocket…like season words, season songs, or anything that attracts the child.

13. Decorate the outer part with different colours.

14. More coloured pictures left out?? not enough space?? Dont worry… Make them small flash cards by pasting them onto a small sheet of thick paper and play games with that.

15. All done. Allow your little one to scramble it.

Here are few of the pictures..


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